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We translate projects in accordance to the character's personality and worldview rather than translating it word for word

We translate manga according to the personality and worldview of the characters rather than literally.

We translate manga according to the personality and worldview of the characters rather than literally.

Our manga translation process is different from other translation companies. By translating it according to the flow of the story, we try to convey the emotions of the speaker using natural spoken language.
Kamikakushi, Yoshiwo Sawaguchi - Torico manga panel
Kamikakushi - Page 6
Weren't you able to tell it by my chignon?
You couldn't tell from my hairstyle?
”Chignon” here refers to her hairstyle which alludes to her social status. Given the cultural backdrop and era used in this manga, we assumed that a certain hairstyle tells a person's social status. Thus, “chignon” was replaced with “hairstyle” to appeal better to the general audience
Sweet Seduction, Akiko Naoe - Torico manga panel
Sweet Seduction - Chapter 1, Page 1
There's a fulfilling powerspot pilgrimage for marriage ties. And there were even cases when people had gotten married after requesting this plan.
There's a well-known spiritual spot for marriage. We even had clients who got married after they requested this plan!
The speakerin the manga is trying to give her customers a good travel plan. As such, the second manga translation was adjusted to make the dialogue sound more like a sales pitch convincing and friendly.

We use typefaces that match the mood and emotion of the original manga.

We typeset the manga as it is! We use fonts that are appropriate for each panel, just like the original manga.

We typeset the manga as it is! We use fonts that are appropriate for each panel, just like the original manga.

Expressive manga typsetting draw readers into the world of manga!

Carefully reproduce the manga's
original typesetted characters one by one.

It's important to replicate the original work's overall mood. Reproducing the feel of typefaces such as sound effects is important to relay a powerful message in manga.
Yoshiwo Sawaguchi - Torico English manga panel→Yoshiwo Sawaguchi - Torico Japanese manga panel

Manga Typesetting

We try to match the typeface in the translated manga's speech bubble to the one that is suitable in the original manga's worldview and genre.
Yuta Kayashima - Torico English manga panel→Yuta Kayashima - Torico Japanese manga panel

In manga, the art is important.
Therefore, Manga World Translation have meticulous manga cleaners who are dedicated to keep everything as close to the original work.

Perfect manga cleaning. Manga World Translation have meticulous manga cleaners who are dedicated to keep the manga translation, manga typesetting, and manga art as close to the original work as possible.

Manga World Translation have meticulous manga cleaners who are dedicated to keep the manga translation, manga typesetting, and manga art as close to the original work as possible.

Unlike ordinary manga translation services, even if the onomatopoeia is on a patterned or colored background,
we can clean it and redraw the area, preparing it for the target language's typesetting.
Torimura - Torico original frame
Torimura - Torico manga Cleaning panel
Clean out the manga lettering and fix the background.
Torimura - Torico final work
Smile… It’s Just a Dream - Cover Page
Input the manga translation and use the proper typeface to closely resemble the original work.

Case Studies

Zanmu Labyrinth - Yuta Kayashima manga


There’s been a lot of murder cases lately, add to that the strange mutilation incidents... Young officer, Hazama, needs to find the culprit behind these incidents. One day, he meets an unusual magician girl who will give him a lead to the murderer. However, when Hazama finds him, his body has been mutilated! Since then, one after another, the cases Hazama handles will be somehow connected to that little magician. Who exactly is this girl and what is her role in these incidents?
Happy Address 0-Chome - Tsunami Minaduki manga

Happy Address 0-Chome

Even Heaven has a system and souls must follow the process for reincarnation. But not all souls are so easy to deal with. Komori is in-charge of the Soul Management Division and he has to handle troublesome souls every day. Why are humans so selfish even after death? Well perhaps, that is their charm.

Supported Languages

We have a long track record of professional manga translation, writing, and typesetting in many languages.
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • SEA Languages
  • Japanese to Filpino Manga Translation
  • Japanese to Korean Manga Translation
  • Japanese to Russian Manga Translation
  • Japanese to Arabic Manga Translation
  • Japanese to Chinese Manga Translation
  • Japanese to French Manga Translation

Manga-Related Services

We offer a range of services supported into multiple languages all over the world.
  • Manga Cleaning/

    After removing the Japanese text (source language), a professional manga artist will faithfully reconstruct the original background or image.
  • Manga Localization

    We will localize the manga with rich expression while keeping in mind the worldview of the manga and the individuality of each character, so that it doesn't become an ordinary text translation. We value the worldview and the characters of the original work.
  • Manga Proofreading/
    Text Editing

    We will make a final check for typographical errors and grammatical errors. Carefully considering the cultural background, we will brush up the translation content so that the expression will become more natural for the reader of the target language.
  • Manga Typesetting

    The proofread text is typeset in the speech bubble, keeping a balanced form and placement for a pleasing reading experience. In addition, by effectively choosing multiple fonts to express the emotions of each scene and characters, the reader will be further drawn into the world of manga.
  • Manga Verticalization for Digital Comics

    "Vertical reading manga" is devised for reading manga on smartphones. The vertical format is a new way of presenting the typical frame division of manga; the reading experience is easier and more engaging.The lowest price in the industry is made possible only by Manga World Translation. Get it at a great price by requesting it at the same time as colorization and localization.
  • Manga Color Processing

    Simply coloring a black-and-white comic can dramatically change the impact it has on your readers. In Manga World Translation, a professional artist works carefully with attention to detail. Price can be set based on the amount of work. By giving your manga a new life through coloring as well as vertical reading, you may acquire new readers and fans for your manga.
  • Mosaic Processing (Censoring)

    In Manga World Translation, you can specify the range and density of the mosaic or censorship.
  • Formatting
    (e.g. EPUB conversion)

    By making manga digitized and readable on various terminals, it will be possible to attract a new readership. This service also facilitates multilingual and global expansion.
For a more accurate quotation, please feel free to send us the material at info@cccjph.com

Our Manga Translation Team

Various teams from Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States take charge of the Manga World Translation project.
  • Manga World Translator Quinn
    Manga Project Head, Copy-Editor, Typesetter, Cleaner/Redrawer, Quality Checker
    It is well-known and established among the team that I am a BL fangirl who loves ikemen and seiyuus! Lately, I’ve been into isekai types of Manga and Manhwa! I hope I get the chance to widen my scope in terms of manga genres.
  • Manga World Translator Anna
    Translator, Cleaner
    I love manga, anime, and light novels! I write as a hobby since I can't draw very well. But I never really get to finish a story. I always get stuck thinking too much about how I want the ending to be and I end up skipping the middle parts. Translating manga is fun, especially those with interesting stories, but I'm not too fond of manga that are too shoujo.
  • Manga World Translator Trixx
    Hiya! I'm a huge geek who loves reading, table-top RPGs, playing select video games, and reading manga! I've been into manga and anime since high school and dabbled into cosplaying.
  • Manga World Translator Riki
    Japanese Checker
    Hi! I'm a half-Filipino who loves Japanese manga, anime, and games. Working with manga allows me to read and know more about them.
  • Manga World Translator Reika
    Japanese Checker
    Konnichiwa! I love doggos, animu, manga and J-rock bands. I don't do well with hoomans but I love working with the team! I get to talk with the hoomans in the team. They are so kind even when I make mistakes. Now, I learn many things every time! Working with manga-related stuff is my childhood dream so I am very thankful. Huehue!
  • Manga World Translator Jam
    Copy-Editor, Typesetter, Cleaner, Quality Checker
    I really love working with the Manga project! It's my favorite because I get to read manga at work. It's like I'm getting to know different characters and giving them life. I even get to read different stories of different genres and learn new things every day. It's exhausting at times, but as a creative writing graduate, the Manga project feels like home ♥

Our Manga Translation Process

  1. 1Quotation

    Once you contact us, we will quote based on the number of pages, delivery date, language, vertical reading, color, and other services that you want to avail.
  2. 2Preparation

    If you have any particular translation for the proper nouns such a character's name, please share it in advance before starting the Manga World Translation work. This will ensure that the team is fully prepared to start the project; avoiding hiccups and delays in the process.
  3. 3Manga Production

    Our professional team for manga localization in each language will produce multilingual versions of the manga. With native speakers in these teams, we can ensure that the manga translation and localization is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. 4Delivery

    The delivery file can be customized to the customer's request, (e.g. PDF format, TIF format, JPEG format, PSD format, etc.) You can choose what kind on format you want your project to be in.

Company Profile

We aim to create a world where people all over the globe can enjoy reading Japanese manga in their native language; breaking barriers through accurate translation and localization.
Operating Company Creative Connections & Commons Inc.
Business Content Multilingual manga and games translation and localization, BPO, customer support
Representative Katherine Bantiles
Date of Establishment February 10, 2012

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